Some people take their friends for granted. Others are ready to do anything to get them. Yet, others think that they do not need any friends at all. Being social beings we do need friends and we cannot take them for granted as they add value, purpose, happiness, comfort and many more things to our lives. We have to cherish all close relationships and there are certain things we need to do to keep our friends. I want to mention those things in my article.

Firstly, all friendships will cost you your time. If you want to make and keep friends you will have to spend some time with the people you want to be friends with and those people who want to be friends with you. Time is probably one of the biggest assets that we have and it is not easy to take this asset and give it to somebody else, even if that person is your friend. However, friends are also among top sorts of ‘asset’. Friendship takes time to develop and retain. If you have no time for your friend or friends, you will lose them.

Secondly, friendship will require self sacrifice from you. Although this point is similar to the first one, self sacrifice includes much more than sacrificing your time for your friend. It might mean sacrificing some of your interests, change of opinion in many cases, event that you have pre-planned, sleep and many more. It does not mean you will not be yourself, but it means that occasionally you will sacrifice something that is important for you to help and support your friend. This has to go both ways in order for relationship to remain healthy. Your friend has to be ready to do the same thing.

Thirdly, you will need to have a lot of patience in any friendship. People are different. In the beginning those differences attract, but when you spend more and more time with the person those differences will cause a lot of friction. It happens not only when people get married, but in various relationships. Friends have to learn to be patient and bear the differences that make them nervous. You cannot expect the other person to be the same as you, like absolutely the same things, have the same opinion of all topics and always agree with you. I would not like to have such a friend. That would be one more me! So, learn to be patient to your friend.

And the last thing that is absolutely necessary in friendship is a positive attitude. Any relationship becomes a ‘curse’ if one or both people see everything from a negative perspective. How can you enjoy a relationship with a person who is always unhappy, complaining and seeing only bad things in life? You might try to help that type of person for some time, but if the person does not change his/her attitude you will not be able to be friends with him/her for a long time. In order to go on in life you have to be positive and know how to smile things off. True friends are positive about one another. So, be positive!

Back in the days, paying someone a visit here in the Philippines is almost always associated with either courtship or the sick. Why wouldn’t it be when it is usually accompanied by flowers, chocolates, or tokens, correct? Time sure has changed, where it’s already a norm today that visitation can also be translated as a business proposal, simply catching, or even patching things culture dictates, especially here in the Philippines, you have to be very mindful of your etiquette whenever you step into someone’s territory or comfort zone. Prior to showing up in another person’s home or office, inform them that you intend to drop by. Bear in mind that not all of us are fans of surprises. Inform the person of the date, time, and the rationale behind your proposed visit. Once your intention has been acknowledged, prepare the things you have to bring. Whatever you’re bringing may it be flowers, documents, or anything similar, prepare them as soon as possible to avoid cramming. The worse thing that’s next to showing up late is handing something mediocre over.Since we have already touched on the subject of being tardy, let us go over the most common mistake of visitors: not being on time. Traffic, may it be in London or in the Philippines, is not a valid excuse anymore. If you are going somewhere notorious for hour long queues, leave early or find ways to avoid getting caught up in the jam. If you really cannot make it on time, call the party you are visiting and inform them what your estimated time of arrival (ETA) is. No one likes waiting especially today when every minute matters. Also, canceling the last minute is a serious faux pas. If you need to attend to something urgent or unavoidable, call, cancel, and reschedule your visit as early as possible. Canceling the last minute with a lousy excuse would hardly merit you another shot of you are visiting another country or a foreign national, make sure that you research on their culture before leaving your house. How you’re used to eating rice using chopsticks may be offensive to the Japanese as asking for salt and pepper for your pasta is to Italians. Lastly, when you reach your destination, be very respectful of their territory. Do not roam around their place nor touch anything unless invited. Damages both physically and emotionally are rarely unsure, you may bring a bunch of flowers when you are to visit someone. A bouquet of fresh flowers can brighten and lighten your visit. Surely, your friend would be glad to receive a nice bunch for her home.

Aberdeen is a vibrant city with a huge range of festivals and other organised events so you can find a place to make friends with like-minded people no matter what your interests are. From Highland games and literature festivals, from salsa classes to continental markets, Aberdeen has all these ways to make friends, whether you like traditional Scottish entertainment or something more cosmopolitan, and all before the end of this winter!

Scottish winters can be harsh, which is why you have a good advantage when you want to make friends if you live in a city like Aberdeen, with good transport links and other services.

Let’s have a look at just some of the myriad of opportunities you have to make friends in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Revelation

This is a Christian-based Rock-Gospel Choir based at the University of Aberdeen. There are no auditions and anyone can join, regardless of ability and experience. People of all faiths and none are also welcome to join. The choir aims to provide a place were friendships can be built. Aberdeen revelation meets meet at 7.30pm each Monday in the MacRobert Building.

Highlanders Homecoming Parade

On the 1st December 2011 you can come along and pay a personal tribute to the local battalion Highlanders as they return from their tour of duty in Afghanistan. This is not an obvious place at which to make friends, but think about it: to get a good view you will need to get there early (check your local newspaper for the route and times). It will be an emotional, stirring occasion with plenty of opportunity and chat so you can make friends while you wait for our boys to return home.

The Blue Lamp Comedy Club

This is a more obvious opportunity to make friends in Aberdeen. Everyone likes a good laugh and laughter draws people together. Nothing is sexier than a sense of humour so if you find someone who shares laughs at the same things that you do, you may well do more than make friends at the Blue Lamp Comedy Club. They may become your soul mate!

Fiddlers’ Rally

The Fiddlers’ Rally takes place on 7.30pm to 10.00pm on 12th November, 2011. It is an evening of traditional Scottish music hosted by Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society, joined by fiddle and accordion players from across Scotland. Tickets cost 15.50 (13.50 concessions) and they are available from the Aberdeen Box Office

Salsa Party La Fiesta Latina If you prefer something a little more relaxed and perhaps a little wild to make friends, you could try the salsa party on Saturday 12 November 2011 at the Station Hotel, Guild Street, Aberdeen. Learn the salsa from scratch from 9-10pm and then party the night away until 11am in the same venue. You don’t even need a partner so this is the perfect opportunity to make friends in Aberdeen. So, without too much effort, and by having a lot of fun, you could find several opportunities to make friends in Aberdeen, all in the next couple of months. Expand your circle of friends by Spring 2012!

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